If you consider just aesthetics when buying a Christmas tree, then you’re bound to make mistakes. Christmas trees come in sizes and so you should get a tape and take some measurements.

By taking your tree’s size and shape into account, you can choose just the perfect theme and know what shapes and sizes of decoration elements to use.

Here is a premium guide to help you find the ideal artificial Christmas tree size for your house:


Family and loved ones often gather around Christmas trees to spend quality time together.

So choosing a tree requires mapping out the area where it will be placed.

This gives you a good idea of what size of tree you should choose.

Place your tree in a shady area away from heat sources, such as fireplaces, exhausts, and vents.

How to measure the space for an artificial Christmas tree


You should measure the location mapped out before you purchase a tree.

For this, you would need a small ladder, measuring tape, and some materials for jotting.

Measure the space’s height (from ceiling to floor) with the measuring tape. This would give the maximum height limit of the tree.

Next, measure the width of the space available. Deduct at least one foot from this measurement to allow for space.

Finally, multiply the width by the height after subtracting one foot. This will allow you to determine the exact amount of tree space you have available.

Choosing the height and shape of an artificial tree

By selecting the perfect tree based on your earlier measurement, you and your family can enjoy a beautiful tree for years to come.

For smaller spaces, you can buy a tree between 6 and 6 12 feet tall. Typical apartments can accommodate trees up to 7 12 feet tall.

For a large residence, a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree would do just fine. The best trees for large areas are those 10 to 12 feet high while trees of 15 to 30 feet are ideal for public spaces.