9 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees: Traditional Color Schemes To Consider

Have you decided on just what theme you are going to use with your 9 foot artificial Christmas trees this year? You are going to find that there are several to choose from. And for many people, the options of what they can decorate with make it harder than ever to choose what they want. We totally understand this mindset, as there are hundreds upon thousands of themes that you can choose from. Then when you inject some personality into these themes, it makes for even more options. For those who are simply lost as to what they should do, […]

Easy steps to follow when buying Christmas trees

If you consider just aesthetics when buying a Christmas tree, then you’re bound to make mistakes. Christmas trees come in sizes and so you should get a tape and take some measurements. By taking your tree’s size and shape into account, you can choose just the perfect theme and know what shapes and sizes of decoration elements to use. Here is a premium guide to help you find the ideal artificial Christmas tree size for your house: Location Family and loved ones often gather around Christmas trees to spend quality time together. So choosing a tree requires mapping out the […]

Going Funky With 9 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Every year, when Christmas rolls around, do you pay attention to all the décor that is surrounding you? It is hard to get away from it. After all, we see this in stores, in magazines, online, via social media, and the like. It basically surrounds us everywhere. For those who love Christmas, this is where they are getting their inspiration for how to decorate their 9 foot artificial Christmas trees. However, there are just as many people who want something that is a bit more funky. Funk décor is all about your personality. It is about embracing all there is […]