The Origin of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments have been a festive staple for centuries, but their history goes beyond their decorative purpose. The tradition of putting up Christmas trees began in Germany in the 16th century, where candles and apples adorned the branches. It was in the 1800s that ornaments made from glass and other materials became more common.

Back then, Christmas ornaments were handmade and unique, often crafted by the individual. However, when mass production became more widespread, the quality and craftsmanship slowly dwindled, and the ornaments became more consumer-oriented.

Royalty and the Ornament

In medieval times, Christmas trees were not just for decoration but also held a more profound significance for kings and queens. They were often decorated with precious stones and metals, symbolizing the wealth and prosperity of their kingdoms.

The first recorded use of Christmas trees and ornaments in English history was by Queen Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert, in the mid-1800s. They brought the tradition to England, where it soon became widespread.

Since then, different royal families have put their spin on Christmas decorations. For instance, the Norwegian Royal Family has a tradition of decorating their tree with Norwegian flags. At the same time, Queen Elizabeth II is known for her extensive collection of Christmas ornaments, which includes decorations from all over the world.


Timeless Moments

In today’s age of consumerism, it’s easy to forget the more profound significance of Christmas ornaments. We rush to the stores to buy the flashiest and newest pieces, forgetting the joy of spending time with loved ones and creating beautiful moments.

But we can look towards the tales of kings and queens who have passed down the tradition of Christmas ornaments and trees through generations. They remind us that these simple yet beautiful objects hold within them the power to create a sense of warmth and comfort to bring families together during the festive season.


The tradition of Christmas ornaments has come a long way, from handmade ornaments to mass-produced ones. However, the significance was kept alive by royalty. We can embrace this deeply rooted tradition by creating timeless moments with our loved ones during the festive season. This Christmas, take a moment to appreciate the history and significance of the Christmas ornament.