The Magic of Mercury Glass: Adding an Elegant Touch to Your Christmas Tree

There are several themes that you can choose from your Christmas tree each year. And you will find that one of those themes is a metal look. No, we are not talking about having anything more than a metal tree. This is all about embracing the various colors of metal and using these throughout your tree to decorate. Mercury glass ornaments are considered a throwback type of ornament that was used many years ago. And for those who are opting for this type of theme with their tree, then having mercury glass ornaments are going to tie in well and really help this theme to shine.

However, where do you find mercury glass ornaments? While they can be found just about anywhere…you can make your own, which makes things ten times easier. Before, you start to freak out…no, you will not be working with actual mercury. These glass ornaments get their namesake because they look like they are mercury, when they are really just glass.

blue and white boxes near snowman

To start this project, you are going to need

  • Glass bulbs, buy in bulk since this is your first time in doing this project, and you want to ensure that you have enough to put onto your tree, as well as a few extras in case your break these.
  • Krylon brand looking glass spray paint — try to go with this brand as this is going to be the one that gives the best results.
  • Spray bottle that has a fine mist
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Metallics paint in gold
  • Hair dryer
  • Paper towels

Now to start, you are going to fill your spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. Make sure you do this project outside where you have adequate ventilation. Remove the cap on the glass ball and then take the looking glass paint and spray this into the inside of this, about 2 to 3 quick bursts. You will see the paint start to pool in the bottom. What you want to do is to swirl this around so the inside of the ornament is covered.

Immediately spray one to two sprays of your vinegar water into the ornament on the wet pain. Let this set for about 20 seconds, then place a paper towel over the top and shake the ornament.

Using your hair dryer, you will want to heat the bulb to help with the dryer procedure. This will start to look like brushed silver.

Next, you can repeat this process until you get the desired look of mercury. Now, take a few more drops of vinegar water inside the ornament and then put in a squirt of the metallic gold paint. Swirl and shake the ornament until it has coated the inside of the ball. Then you simply let this dry, and you are ready to hang this onto your tree.

There is no easier way to get beautiful mercury glass ornaments for your tree with very little work!